Body treatments

Body treatments

Treat your body well so that the soul can live there. A wise saying that you can perfectly put into practice with our comforting body treatments. Simply let go, indulge, float and swing.


Detox Salt Scrup

Intensive sea salt scrub with precious herbs stimulate the metabolism, detoxify, and provide your skin with diverse minerals and trace elements.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 55,-

Thalgo Thalasso Peeling massage with sea salt peeling

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 45,-

Thalgo Creme Peeling

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 45,-

Packs in the soft lounger

Experience the utmost in relaxation, care and wellbeing. Following the application of valuable essences, you are carefully wrapped up and placed into the flotation lounger. This height-adjustable water bed enables you to feel the warmth of the water, yet you don't come into contact with it. A real sense of relief for the senses and your spinal column.

  • Natural mud pack € 60,-
  • Algae purifying pack € 65,-

Caribbean luxury treatment

with Caribbean massage

Body pack with aluminium oxide and pineapple or cucumber mousse for a matchless feeling of delicate skin and active purification as well as detoxification of the skin.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 85,-

oil pack with Caribbean massage

This soothing body pack provides intense hydration and wonderful pleasure for all your senses. You finish off with a relaxing and fragrant massage.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 95,-