Frau Massage Wellnesshotel

Massages in Zell am See in the 5*S Hotel Salzburgerhof.

An entire world of the fine art of massage

Pats for Body, Mind & Soul. Healing hands that stimulate the skin with gentle or sporty strokes, activate the nerves and relax the muscles.

What could be nicer than being kneaded to perfection? With more or less pressure, depending on your preference. Tensions are gently released, which accelerates muscle regeneration and promotes blood circulation. The flow of energy starts fresh and the cell regeneration is activated. Massages are a true fountain of youth and a never-ending source of wellbeing.....

In addition to the classic treatment rooms, we also offer massages on the SPA roof terrace or by the waterfall in the Feng Shui garden. Let us spoil you!

Classic massages

Full body massage

Classic deep massage for relaxation of your muscles and releasing tension.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 65,-

Foot reflexology massage

Massage of the reflex zones with effect on the nervous system, organs and joints.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 41,-

Partial massage (back or legs)

Classic deep partial massage (back or legs) for loosening the musculature and releasing local tensions.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 41,-

Combination massage

Back and foot reflex zones. Intensify the effect of the deep massage.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 68,-

Lymphatic drainage

A soft, focused pressure massage activates the lymph stream of the body. Re- laxing. Lowering the blood pressure. Strengthens the immune system.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 41,-
Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 68,-

Alpine herbal oil massage

With natural alpine herbs.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 48,-
Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 71,-

Individual back therapy

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 68,- 

Mountain honey massage

Gives you energy and vitality.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 65,-

International massages

Lomi-Lomi-Nui (Hawaii)

The “queen” of massages, it also delights the “Gents of Creation”. The Huna philosophy is the principle behind the massage – it harmonises body, mind and soul with a method that makes you extremely happy and employs straight- forward moves. Lomi-Lomi-Nui frees the deep layers of the body from stress, anxieties and tension. Joyful stimulation, expectant suspense and a new joie de vivre are awakened. Very sensuous and deeply relaxing.

Duration: 75 minutes | Price: € 125,-

La Stone Therapy (America)

Discover the path to inner balance, harmony and energy in the form of stones with a heating and cooling effect. Enjoy the fascinating combination of energy work, massage and the intense effect of hot basalt and cold marble. The treatment com- bines a massage using jojoba and almond oil with the placing of lava stones onto the body‘s energy centres. The ultimate and most intense integral experience.

Duration: 50 minutes back | Price: € 85,-
Duration: 75 minutes | Price: € 125,-

Vaporised herbal stamp massage

The stamp at a pleasant temperature gives you the feeling of being touched by a soft, warm hand. The micro circulation under the skin’s surface is stimulated. Tension in the muscles is released.


Elderberries, ginger, peppermint, ivy, king’s clover have a relaxing and balan- cing effect and promote the circulation.

"Old India"

Limes, ginger, lavender, lemon grass have a warming and harmonizing effect.

50 minutes | Price: € 85,-
75 minutes | Price: € 125,- with face (lavender or rose)

Shoulder - neck treatments

With lavender - act to release tension, harmonizing and invigorating.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 45,-

Slim Line "Freeze"

The absolute kick of freshness for tired legs. Warm foaming soap – refreshing peppermint oil – crushed ice in combination with an unique massage technique ensures immaculate legs.

Duration: 25 minutes | Price: € 45,-


Anti-stress massage

Enjoy a gentle, dreamlike full body massage with warm aromatherapy oils.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 68,-

Pampering massage Ligne St. Barth

A Caribbean massage experience with avocado, coconut or menthol oil.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 68,-

Caribbean facial massage

Relaxing, pampering massage with different, perfectly coordinated products. Supports decongestation, improves the elasticity of the connective tissue, has a smoothing and tightening effect on the skin coat.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 80

St. Barth Harmony

Relaxing, pampering massage with different products that are perfectly coordinated in their effect. Supports detoxification, improves the elasticity of the skin and has a smoothing and firming effect on the skin layers.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 80,- 


Abhyanga - Ayurvedic full body massage

"Great oiling with loving hands" means her name and that is how the gentle, meditative movements feel. Massage and herbal extracts dissolved in the oil open the body's detoxification channels and have a miraculous cleansing effect on the soul.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 110

Abhyanga combined with a Shirodhara

Ayurvedic Shirodhara forehead oil is one of the most beautiful and intensive treatments in Ayurveda. A thin stream of warm oil flows onto your forehead, takes you into an inner world of calm and harmonizes the hormonal functions of your body.

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: € 180

Phyto Masso Podia

Phyto Masso Podia

The “PMP” treatment (phyto for plants, masso for massage, podia for feet) has been well established since it was installed in our Schlössl. Our feet have a lot more responsibility than just carrying us through life. This is exactly where scientists started and designed a revolutionary, well-founded application.

PMP regenerates the circulation and lymph flow, activates the foot pump (our "second heart"), relieves or relieves cramps and muscle pain and helps the whole organism to feel good again.

Optimal effects are achieved if PMP is used as the basis of all wellness treatments. A real treat for heavy and tired legs or after long days of skiing or hiking.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 75