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Beauty & Wellness in the 5*S HOTEL SALZBURGERHOF Zell am See


Radiantly beautiful - the beauty experts at the 5-star wellness hotel Salzburgerhof in Zell am See know the secrets of youthful beauty.

True beauty comes from within. But from the outside you can help quite well. With different high-quality cosmetic lines like St. Barth, QMS Quick Magic Skin or Dr. Spiller you enter the world of beauty and aesthetics. Let yourself be pampered and entrust yourself to the magic hands of our beauticians! Because the beauty experts in the 5 star superior wellness hotel Salzburgerhof in Zell am See know the secrets of youthful beauty.

St. Barth

St. Barth Freshness

Facial, neck and décolleté treatment with hand massage and freshly prepared papaya, pineapple or cucumber mousse. The effect of the high-quality, plant- based care products with natural vitamins and minerals, is intensively boosted by the freshly prepared fruits and the markedly calm, pampering ritual. A caring hand massage with the fragrance of bourbon vanilla, fine lily or Caribbean tiaré flower rounds off the deeply relaxing wellness experience.

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: € 125,-

St. Barth Pureness

A relaxing and refreshing treatment for your face, neck, décolleté and hands. The high-quality plant-based care products with natural vitamins and minerals have a clarifying effect and stimulate the activity of the skin - for clear, fresh skin.

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: € 119,-

Relax "Ligne St. Barth"

Small facial treatment with refreshing papaya exfoliation, massage or cleansing as well as moisturising and calming face mask.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 80,-


!QMS Classis Collagen Behandlung

An advanced anti-aging treatment with the unique system from !QMS of high quality, natural collagen. The skin is prepared for the algae sculpturing with deep cleansing and exfoliating fluid. Afterwards the skin’s moisture content is increased through natural, soluble collagen, by intensively hy- drating the skin and promoting cell renewal. A treatment to rejuvenate and revitalize the complexion.

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: € 125,-

Duration: 120 minutes (with deep cleansing) | Price: € 150,-

!QMS Activator Behandlung für Frauen

The caring and nourishing treatment is particularly good for stressed and flaccid skin. The energy donating and activating technique provide the skin with more active ingredients and therefore revitalise tired and stressed skin taking effect immediately.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 70,-

!QMS Neo Tissudermie Behandlung

This treatment was designed for strengthening and reinforcing and is particu- larly suitable for mature skin and serves to combat the first signs of aging skin. The skin is optically improved and revitalized by the lifting and solidifying im- pact. Furthermore the sensitive neck, décolleté and chest area are cared for with the highly efficient contouring cream.

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: € 145,-

Dr. Spiller

Vital Treatment

Vital treatment, tailored to the needs of your skin. Cleaning, peeling, massage, active ingredient ampoule, mask, final care

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 79, -

Celltresor - The Beauty Safe Treatment

Exclusive concept for relaxed facial features and ultimate skin volume. Cleansing, peeling, massage, serum, fleece mask, final care

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: € 119, -

Deluxe Treatment

Luxury treatment with nutritious caviar, sparkling champagne extract and precious diamonds for effective anti-aging. Cleaning, peeling, massage, serum, intensive mask, hand massage, final care

Duration: 120 minutes | Price: € 139, -


Ägyptos vitality compress

The finest therapeutic mud, salt and minerals from the Dead Sea are the in- gredients for this compress, which achieves exceptional, immediate results. Rejuvenates, lifts and strengthens the skin, detoxifies, purifies and deacidifies, improves health and boosts the body’s defences while breaking down annoying flab and water. A completely new feeling for your figure and your overall physical state.

Duration: approx. 120 minutes | Price: € 140,-   
Package of 3: € 380,-

Ägyptos La Linea-vitality bandages quick

In a unique method, 5 body bandages saturated in finest therapeutic mud are put on arms, legs and the upper part of the body. The vital bandages glamou- rize an enviable firm skin, improve cellulite, loosen tension and give a new joie de vivre.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 85,- 

!QMS Anti Cellulite Contouring treatment

Helps with the prevention of cellulite, promotes circulation and supplies the skin with moisture. The combination of cosmetic active agents and special appli- cation technique assists in the defence against pollutants in the environment, smooths the texture of the skin and tightens the body contures.

Duration: 60 minutes | Price: € 90,-
Package of 3: € 240,-


The popular and indispensable full body-salt massage-ritual with natural salt from the Dead Sea and the well-known Yin and Yang Thalassa oils, promotes the energetic balance, activates the metabolism, clears skin blemishes as well as dandruff and softly loosens the entire musculature. Depth effect on a thera-peutic basis for weak connective tissue, lymph congestion and to activate the metabolism.

Duration: 90 minutes | Price: € 120,-

THALGO FRIGGI WRAP (cool wrap method)

Intensely cooling compress with pleasant extracts of algae, camphor and men-thol. Stimulates blood circulation, has a lifting effect and selectively reduces fat on the hips and stomach. An optimal way to combat loose tissue on the inner thighs and bottom. Targets heavy, tired legs.

Duration: 50 minutes | Price: € 55,-


The new purity and lightness of being by ionization in an electrolytic foot bath. A tingling sensation, often extending into the deepest layers of cells. Uric acid and toxins are eliminated in a sensitive way.

Duration: 30 minutes | Price: € 40,-


Make up & dyeing

Daytime make-up€ 30,-
Eyebrow dyeing€ 10,-
Eyelash dyeing€ 25,-
Eyebrow shaping€ 15,-
Eyebrow, eyelashes,complete service€ 35,-


Chin€ 9,-
Upper lip€ 11,-
Legs to the knee€ 35,-
Legs full€ 55,-
Armpit€ 20,-
Bikini zone€ 25,-

Manicure & pedicure

Hands & feet Manicure with hand massage€ 50,-
Nail polish€ 6,-
French€ 10,-
Pedicure with stimulating bath and massage€ 60,-

Light therapy & Solarium

The power of the sun and its positive effect on health, psyche and well-being are further elements of your wellness holiday at the 5 * S Hotel Salzburgerhof. The landscape between mountain and lake opens up an inspiring variety of opportunities to be active and relax in the alpine sun in every season. To intensify this experience and offer an alternative on less sunny days, a solarium and modern, clinically proven light therapy await you.

Solarium: 1 coin € 6, - | 7 coins € 38, - (1 coin = 6 min.)
Light therapy: € 6 per unit