Massages in the 5*S wellness Hotel SALZBURGERHOF Zell am See

Phyto Masso Podia

Scientifically well-founded, tested in practice and proven to be excellent, the PMP (Phyto for plants, Masso for massage and Podia for foot) is successfully established in our wellness-castle. Our feet are responsible for far more than just carrying us through life. Scientists have taken precisely this idea as their starting point and developed a revolutionary and well-founded treatment.

PMP regenerates the blood circulation and lymph flow, activates the „foot-pump“ (our „second“ heart), loosens or alleviates cramps and muscle pain and in this way helps the organism to new well-being.

Optimal effects are achieved when PMP is applied as the basis of all spa treatments. A real treatment for heavy and tired legs after a long day on the slopes or an exhausting hike.

Duration: 50 minutes, € 75,-

Phyto Masso Podia at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof