International massages in the 5*S wellnes Hotel SALZBURGERHOF Zell am See

Massages from around the world

Lomi-Lomi-Nui (Hawaii)

The “queen” of massages, it also delights the “Gents of Creation”. The Huna philosophy is the principle behind the massage – it harmonises body, mind and soul with a method that makes you extremely happy and employs straight- forward moves. Lomi-Lomi-Nui frees the deep layers of the body from stress, anxieties and tension. Joyful stimulation, expectant suspense and a new joie de vivre are awakened. Very sensuous and deeply relaxing.

Duration: 75 minutes, € 125,- 

Lomi-Lomi-Nui massage at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

La Stone Therapy (Amerika)

Discover the path to inner balance, harmony and energy in the form of stones with a heating and cooling effect. Enjoy the fascinating combination of energy work, massage and the intense effect of hot basalt and cold marble. The treatment com- bines a massage using jojoba and almond oil with the placing of lava stones onto the body‘s energy centres. The ultimate and most intense integral experience.

50 minutes back, € 85,-
75 minutes, € 125,-

La Stone Therapy at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Soapy lather massage (Turkey)

This treatment comes from the Turkish hammam, and is used to cleanse the entire body. Pure relaxation with warm stones.

Duration: 50 minutes, € 85,-

Soapy lather massage at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Vaporised herbal stamp massage

The stamp at a pleasant temperature gives you the feeling of being touched by a soft, warm hand. The micro circulation under the skin’s surface is stimulated. Tension in the muscles is released.


Elderberries, ginger, peppermint, ivy, king’s clover have a relaxing and balan- cing effect and promote the circulation.

"Old India"

Limes, ginger, lavender, lemon grass have a warming and harmonizing effect.

50 minutes, € 85,-
75 minutes, € 125,- with face (lavender or rose)

Soothing neck massage at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Shoulder - neck treatments

With lavender - act to release tension, harmonizing and invigorating.

Duration: 25 minutes, € 45,-

Shoulder and neck massage on the spa roof terrace

Slim Line "Freeze"

The absolute kick of freshness for tired legs. Warm foaming soap – refreshing peppermint oil – crushed ice in combination with an unique massage technique ensures immaculate legs.

Duration: 25 minutes, € 45,-

Foot treatment Slim Line Freeze