Massages in Zell am See in the 5*S Hotel Salzburgerhof.

An entire world of the fine art of massage

Touch, knowledge, and trust. In the eyes of the art of massage, body and spirit are once again a fascinating unity that should to be treated with sensitivity, trained knowledge and experience.
The 5*S Hotel Salzburgerhof, is one of the leading Wellness hotels in the Alps, and a massage in Zell am See offers many things at the same time: a fountain of youth, an oasis of tranquillity, a delve into body and soul, and an experience that is not only available in the light-flooded rooms of the Wellness Schlössl, but can also be enjoyed outdoors under the Alpine sky on the Spa roof terrace, or at the waterfall in the Feng-Shui-Garten. Let the excellent Salzburgerhof therapists treat you with the most proven and effective massages from all over the world.

Soothing neck massage at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Massages & special treatments

Relaxing or invigorating, for sports people or for pleasure. You are sure to find the ideal massage that matches your desires and health requirements: partial massages to ease specific points of tension, therapeutic whole-body treatments, combination massages and highlights such as lymph drainage, Alpine herbal oil massages, and mountain honey massages; massages to meet the highest of demands.
Massage at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Anti-stress massages

Precious aromatic oils from Ligne St. Barth and the harmonising power of carefully-targeted touch create a feeling of inner peace and relaxation, opening your spirit to new, positive thoughts. The oils used are matched to meet your specific needs, thereby promoting the therapeutic effect.
Ayurveda treatment at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof


A healthy living organism is an organism that is in balance. The Ayurveda approach is over 4000 years old, and brings your entire energy system into balance again, the Chi energy force is activated, and the energy centres of the body balance each other out.
Phyto Masso Podia at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Phyto Masso Podia

Well-being begins in the feet, and Phyto Masso Podia uses modern knowledge to regulate the blood and lymph circulatory systems through treatment of the feet, reducing cramps and muscle pain, and activating the internal organs, cleansing and detoxifying the skin, and having a balancing effect on psychosomatic complaints.
Lomi-Lomi-Nui massage at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Massages from around the globe

The Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi-Nui massage, La Stone from America, and the Chinese Shiatsu: the 5*S Wellness Hotel Salzburgerhof with its Wellness Schlössl is a veritable treasure trove of refined relaxation that transcends boundaries.
The Wellness Schlössl at the wellness hotel Salzburgerhof

Wellness booklet

Our Wellness-Schlössl is home to a wide variety of massages and treatments to choose from for your physical and mental wellbeing, your beauty and your health. Wellness booklet

The best and most noble rituals of all cultures

Enjoying holistic Wellness & Spa treatments in the Salzburgerhof and thereby keeping up to date with present practices also means crossing borders, discovering new, distant countries, the treasures of advanced cultures, and using well-kept secrets of other continents to take the gift of health back home with you. With our carefully selected massages from all over the world, the 5*S Wellness hotel in Zell am See brings you:

  • Lomi-Lomi-Nui, the Hawaian King of all massages, given by 2 therapists at the same time.
  • Herbal stamp massage using warm stamps as a pampering ritual with a deeply relaxing effect
  • La Stone, a fascinating massage from America using hot basalt stones and cold marble
  • Shiatsu, a type of energetic body therapy developed from traditional “Tuina” massage, involving the therapist effectively releasing blockages using muscle power and bodyweight.

If you would like any individual advice, then we will happily oblige.

Please contact the beauty and wellness experts at the 5*S Wellness, Ski, Golf, & Gourmet Hotel Salzburgerhof personally on +43 6542 765-61 and book your massage in Zell am See at the same time as making your room reservation.

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