Feng-Shui hotel garden at the Salzburgerhof

Longing for Paradise

We look for it on every journey we make and in every dream we have: paradise. The Garden of Eden in which you can sense the fullness of life with all its flowering beauty. This longing is satisfied in the 5* Hotel Salzburgerhof: in the middle of Zell am See and in the secluded heart of the hotel is the Feng-Shui Garden, a living oasis of tranquillity symbolising a remarkable passion for wellness and well-being.

“Wellness without a garden is something I couldn’t imagine”

This is what your host Frau Holleis says, a pioneer in this field and someone who has consistently shown an extraordinary sense for that which is fine. Her passion for perfection and her love of energy that only nature herself can offer is palpable all the more in the Feng-Shui garden. The aura of the elements expresses itself here most beautifully: a splashing waterfall, little brook, fountain, fishpond, natural swimming pool, the wonderful splendour of flowers in bloom, shrubs and trees all making the Feng-Shui garden a green paradise in summer and a white wonderland in winter, and providing you with the opportunity of time to discover yourself.

Alpine Feng-Shui garden in the Schlöss-Park
Alpine Feng-Shui garden in the in the Schlössl Park
Garden idyll with natural bathing pool and swimming pond (biotope)
Garden idyll with natural bathing pool and swimming pond (biotope)
Havin breakfast in the blooming hotel garden in the hotel Salzburgerhof
Delights for your palate in the Schlössl garden
Roses in the hotel garden
Longing ends where petals are to be found ...
Natural bathing pool in the blooming hotel garden
Feel the healing power of water ...

Leisure & experiences of deep rest and recuperation

Feng-Shui and wellness are closely linked with each other in the Salzburgerhof. The circle of active recuperation and relaxation closes when everything can flow, like for example bathing in the year-round heated 20 m outdoor pool in the middle of the Feng-Shui hotel garden, or an exclusive open-air massage on the Spa roof terrace with its pavilion.

Massage at the Feng Shui hotel garden
Outdoor pool in the hotel garden of hotel Salzburgerhof

The magic of water, light, and plants as a setting for the finest pleasures

The Feng-Shui garden is at the heart of the 5* Wellness, Ski, Golf, & Gourmet Hotel Salzburgerhof and has been recognised with the highest awards, a place for rest and contemplation, an oasis in which the gourmet sense is also fully celebrated, especially in summer. Enjoy lunch on the sun terrace from the Spa Bistro, a selection of cakes in the afternoon from the hotel’s patisserie, and in the evening the grandiose offerings of our award-winning cuisine (2 chef’s toques), with carefully selected wine to accompany it, and piano music under a starlit sky. This all adds up to make the Garden of Eden at the Salzburgerhof completely irresistible.

Having breakfast in the blooming hotel garden
Inviting terrace in the hotel garden of hotel Salzburgerhof
Terrace in the blooming hotel garden