Beauty & wellness in the 5*S HOTEL SALZBURGERHOF Zell am See

Perfect shapes with Ägyptos, !QMS, Biosel & Thalgo

Ägyptos vitality compress

The finest therapeutic mud, salt and minerals from the Dead Sea are the in- gredients for this compress, which achieves exceptional, immediate results. Rejuvenates, lifts and strengthens the skin, detoxifies, purifies and deacidifies, improves health and boosts the body’s defences while breaking down annoying flab and water. A completely new feeling for your figure and your overall physical state.

Duration: approx.. 120 minutes, € 140,-   
Package of 3, € 380,-

Ägyptos La Linea-vitality bandages quick

In a unique method, 5 body bandages saturated in finest therapeutic mud are put on arms, legs and the upper part of the body. The vital bandages glamou- rize an enviable firm skin, improve cellulite, loosen tension and give a new joie de vivre.

Duration: 60 minutes, € 85,- 

!QMS Anti Cellulite Contouring treatment

Helps with the prevention of cellulite, promotes circulation and supplies the skin with moisture. The combination of cosmetic active agents and special appli- cation technique assists in the defence against pollutants in the environment, smooths the texture of the skin and tightens the body contures.

Duration: 60 minutes, € 90,-

Package of 3, € 240,-

You will find further treatment modalities within our 5-star castly system against shape and body problems in our wellness brochure!


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