Floating de luxe in the SALT WATER DOME

Step on in and immerse yourself in a completely new sphere

Beyond time and space. Abandon your cares. Absolute weightlessness. Utmost relaxation. And what is the setting for this unique, overwhelming spectacle?

THE SALT WATER DOME – our mystical floating pool with highly concentrated salt from the Dead Sea. A fairytale ambience which enchants. Imaginative light and sound scenarios transport you to a different world. Float away and allow yourself to be transported into a state of deep relaxation – both mental and physical.

Achieve a fascinating state – comparable with the embryonic primordial state. Float into yourself, and enjoy unique dreams in the comforting water of the salt water pool, which is the same temperature as the human body.

Floating – the ultimate unforgettable experience!


Floating without supervision
Duration 45 minutes
€ 30

Unique: supervised floating with aqua balancer

Look forward to a novelty in our 5-star wellness Hotel unique in Austria: supervised floating with our trained aqua balancer. The only one in the whole of Austria! Consciously gentle stretching exercises guarantee total relaxation at a physical and mental level. The perfect combination: professional mobilisation in the salt water to loosen your musculature.


Supervised floating with aqua balancer
Duration 45 minutes
€ 120,-

Take deep breaths in the dragon’s grotto

Pure inhalation with an emotional aspect: enjoy this in our mystically fabulous dragon’s grotto. Ionised oxygen and nebulised salt water make this possible: a fountain of youth for your cells, a good deed for your bronchi, balm for your well-being. Magical interplays of colour complete the “breath-providing” experience.


Inhalation in the dragon’s grotto
Duration 20 minutes
€ 30


Floating + salt water (without supervision)
Duration 60 minutes
€ 50


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