Massages from around the world

in the 5-star Wellness Hotel Salzburgerhof

A magnificently relaxing way to harmonise body, mind and soul: allow yourself to be pampered in our 5-star Wellness Hotel Salzburgerhof, and enjoy the TLC of our different types of massage – classic, vitalising or with an exotic touch.


Your pampering massages à la carte:

Lomi lomi nui – the Hawaiian supreme discipline amongst massages. Based on the Huna philosophy, two or even four angelic hands caress the body, exhilarating and blessing it. This is accompanied by music from Hawaii. Joyful stimulation. Pure bliss. Heaven on earth!

Huna-mana – activating energy massage from the South Pacific, with dynamic tones and fantastic sounds of the sea. A massage that enchants.

La Stone. This fascinating massage from America allows you to experience the intense effect of pleasantly hot basalt and cold marble.

Hamam – a Turkish bath straight from the pages of the Arabian Nights. A fragrant aroma steam bath to get you in the mood, a gentle massage using soap lather on a hot stone. The climax: a relaxing bath in the whirlpool, including pampering massage using oils.



Massages and special treatments

Massages and special treatments

Choose from our extensive range of relaxing or vitalising massages!

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Gentle relaxation massage with warm aromatherapy oils and elixirs of the exclusive Ligne St. Barth.

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The holistic Indian art of healing is aimed at a healthy organism which enjoys a harmonious sense of balance. The whole-body massage using oils, whereby the whole body is anointed with warm oil on the chakras, stimulates the natural flow of bio-energies. Oils are then massaged into the body, against the background of pleasing melodies.

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PMP - Phyto Masso Podia

Phytomassopodia is a coordinated treatment programme with the aim of well-being for our feet and, hence, the whole body. The combination of massage techniques, pleasant oils and essential herbs improves the blood circulation and the lymph circulation, reduces cramps and muscle pain, reactivates the inner organs, cleanses and detoxifies the skin, and has a very positive effect at psychosomatic level.

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Massages from around the world

Starting in Hawaii (Lomi Lomi Nui), about America (La Stone Therapy), on to Central Europe (Vienna Waltz massage) and finally in China (Shiatsu) arrived, you can enjoy a massage-journey around the globe in the wellness castel of the Hotel Salzburgerhof.

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