in the 5-star Wellness Hotel Salzburgerhof

Scientifically well-founded, tested in practice and proven to be excellent, the PMP (Phyto for plants, Masso for massage and Podia for foot) is successfully established in our wellness-castle. Our feet are responsible for far more than just carrying us through life. Scientists have taken precisely this idea as their starting point and developed a revolutionary and well-founded treatment.

PMP regenerates the blood circulation and lymph flow, activates the "foot-pump" (our "second" heart), loosens or alleviates cramps and muscle pain and in this way helps the organism to new well being.

Optimal effects are achieved when PMP is applied as the basis of all spa treatments. A real treat for heavy and tired legs or after long days skiing or hiking.

Duration: 50 minutes, € 75.00


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