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Ayurveda – the knowledge of life
The ancient art of healing from India is based on the interaction of body, mind and soul. The aim is the preservation of health and well-being as well as the rejuvenation of the whole organism.


all-over synchronous massage with oil
“Big oiling with loving hands” is the meaning of Abhyanga.
This is the feeling of the soft, mediative movements. Massage and herb extracts in the oil effect the detoxification of the body and clean the soul too.
duration 60 minutes € 110,-


ayurvedic affusion for the forehead
The affusion with warm oil is the most beautiful and intensive treatment of Ayurveda. A thin jet of oil is flowing on your forehead and takes you to your inner world of calmness. It harmonises the hormonal functions of your body.
duration 50 minutes € 90,-

Abhyanga combined with Shirodhara

Duration: 90 minutes, € 180,-


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