Perfect Figure

Get your figure in form with the 5-star castle system

Ägyptos vitality compress

The finest therapeutic mud, salt and minerals from the Dead Sea are the ingredients for this compress, which achieves exceptional, imme-diate results. Rejuvenates, lifts and strengthens the skin, detoxifies, purifies and deacidifies, improves health and boosts the body’s defen-ces while breaking down annoying flab and water. A completely new feeling for your figure and your overall physical state.

Duration: approx. 2 hours, € 140.00
Package of three: € 380.00

Ägyptos La Linea-vitality bandages Quick

In a unique method 5 body bandages saturated in finest therapeutic mud are put on arms, legs and the upper part oft he body. The vital bandages glamourise an enviable firm skin, improve cellulite, loose tensions and give a new joie de vivre.

Duration: 60 minutes, € 85,-

Biosel salt therapy with
Yin-Yang Thalassa bath

The ultimate start to a magnificent wellness week.
Biosel combines the eastern teaching of the bio-energy of yin and yang with western principles of treatment based on the five skin functions (immunity, sensations, vessels, lymph, structure). 

Duration: 90 minutes, € 120.00

QMS Body-Shape

The wonder weapon for attacking loose skin, flab and cellulite. Following an enzymatic peeling combination of moisturising body cream, an intensely warming body shape lotion is applied to the body zones to be treated, which are then wrapped in a special foil. Visible results immediately.

Duration: 50 minutes, € 80.00 

Thalgo Friggi-Wrap (cool wrap method)

Intensely cooling compress with pleasant extracts of algae, camphor and menthol. Stimulates blood circulation, has a lifting effect and selectively reduces fat on the hips and stomach. An optimal way to combat loose tissue on the inner thighs and bottom. Targets heavy, tired legs.

Duration: 50 minutes, € 55.00


The new purity and lightness of being by ionization in an electrolytic foot bath. A tingling sensation, often extending into the deepest layers of cells. Uric acid and toxins are eliminated in a sensitive way.
Duration: 30 minutes, € 40.00


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